The Second International Workshop on

Verification and Validation of Cyber-Physical Systems

(Co-located with iFM 2017)


Call for Papers CFP

Workshop on Verification and Validation of Cyber-Physical Systems is targeted at methods related to different aspects of cyber-physical systems with an emphasis on non-functional properties initiated from the physical world. A cyber-physical system (CPS) is an integration of networked computational and physical processes with meaningful inter-effects; the former monitors, controls, and affects the latter, while the latter also impacts the former.
CPSs have applications in a wide-range of systems spanning robotics, transportation, communication, infrastructure, energy, and manufacturing. Many safety-critical systems such as chemical processes, medical devices, aircraft flight control, and automotive systems, are indeed CPS. The advanced capabilities of CPS require complex software and synthesis algorithms, which are hard to verify. In fact, many problems in this area are undecidable. Thus, a major step is to find particular abstractions of such systems which might be algorithmically verifiable regarding specific properties of such systems, describing the partial/overall behaviors of CPSs.
The ultimate goal is to bring together researchers and experts of the fields of formal verification and CPS to cover the theme of this workshop, namely a wide spectrum of verification and validation methods including (but not limited to) control, simulation, formal methods, etc.

Topics of Interest

We welcome extended abstracts and paper submissions for presentation on topics relating to verification and validation of cyber-physical systems as described above. Typical, but not exclusive, topics include:
  • Abstractions of CPS for formal verification
  • Formal modelling and verification of hybrid systems
  • Resource management and processor scheduling
  • Power/Energy/Temperature-Aware modelling and verification of CPS
  • Approaches towards non-classical formal control methods in CPSs
  • Fault tolerance in CPSs
  • Fault-injection and test of CPSs
  • Resiliency in CPSs
  • Dependability of CPSs
  • Hardware/Software co-design in CPSs
  • CPS and natural models of computation (such as quantum and biological)
  • Semantics of CPSs

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